Itís not that weíve come together to pursue a passion. We are all here to chase a dream, the spires of El Dorado that look nearer the closer you get, and then they are so far away. Itís a world of make believe, Pied-Piper-like, a world beyond your dreams.

Where colours mix and slosh around in various forms and shapes, when the kaleidoscope of changing images gives you a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused. Itís the world of the chosen few, but a world where nothing matters but sensibility, emotion, experience, all woven together in shades of pastel and screaming red and pink.

Ladies and gentlemen, away from the humdrum of daily existence, further away from the din and cacophony of this mad, mad world, we are trying to create a world of our own. For those of you who will live there forever and forever. Art, art, art, art, art... need we say any more?

At greatindianart.com we hope to bring you the best of contemporary Indian art. We have an extensive collection of art works from around the country . We also artist profiles for more than 100 artists, new features and a directory of current and forthcoming exhibitions around the world,know more about the growing community of artists in India, who are boldly experimenting with newer mediums to create exciting works for global audiences. And we are aiming to give everyone, everywhere, easy access to the world of Indian art.

We bring to you the best and the brightest from all over the world, lovers of art, may call us just lovers of life. For art is life and in this world of ours, if anything matters, itís in shades of scarlet red and crimson, in deathly black and romantic pink, down in the blues, up in the purple...

It takes a crack team from all over the world to put it together, from the Big Apple to the Pink City, from the banks of the Yamuna to the sands kissing the Arabian Sea. We not only will bring you a collection thatís best in the world, weíll encourage, promote, give a fillip to young artists and get them into the chatroom together.

We will advise you to treat art as an investment and look at valuations some years ahead. Choosing the right kind of painting at the right price may turn out to be more profitable than all your investments in Microsoft and Cisco. We can make it possible to bring Indian art closer to your walls, the art doyens right into your living rooms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for the magic?




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