Sanjeev Vishram Bagwe

One who have observed BAGWE SANJEEV VISHRAM'S figurative paintings from the very beginning, would feel complusive to brood upon the process of painting and it's figurative matter, color schemes to bring about an imagery i.e distinctively Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram's signature.He has developed his own language to express creatively.He produces a picture of vibrating reality boxed in flat colours of great intensity and visual impact.You are compelled to stand and stare, brood and mediated, and discover something for your self, enrichingnand fulfilling.

Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram is a Bachelor of fine arts from J.J.School of Arts Mumbai.In 1989-90 Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram was awarded junior fellowship by Govt. of India,MHRD, N.Delhi.In 1995 he was awarded Kalidas award from the Kalidas academy Ujjain.

Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram has a very unique way of representing his art which you observe in his paintings which are full of bright yellow and green colours.He is inspired most by female anatomy .His paintings are figurative and not imaginary.He is the only artist who does not sketches prior to his painting, he directly gets on his brush on a glossy paper which other painters would never dare to do.He is specialised in water colours.


  • 1980:9th International art Exibition, AIFACS, N.Delhi.
  • 1982:National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Academy, N.Delhi
  • 1983:Attended Print making camp organised by Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal
  • Attended "Artists Camp" organised by M.P.Kala Parishad, Bhopal