Mukesh Sharma

MUKESH SHARMA of Jaipur combines the traditions of Rajasthan and MSU Baroda in his art of printmaking.Having completed his MFA in '98, he is already holding his first solo show at MEC gallery.A meritorious student , Mukesh look to print making as an extension of his fascination for technique.Early works from his student years project him as an artist of sincerity, who paints and prints with total lack of concern of academics or tradition.True to himself and his medium, Mukesh works with conviction and confidence.

He etches with stencils and linoleum, the softness of the medium mutating itselfon to his pictorial images.Doting on nature and the rural surroundings of his childhood, his early works are details of nature.Rural life ,water huts, and a goat,are some of the direct images that occur on his canvas.Beyond this however, Sharma fills his surface with unspecific images, like collages or leaves floating in the air, which impress because of their rythm of tension and placement.

Mukesh picks up his reflections and semblances from anything between imprints of moisture and mud walls, fingerprints or the ritual impression of tha palm of a hand on much used, lived in surfaces.He then develops and constructs, converting them into sequenced motifs which then formulate the visual design on his canvas

The prints of 25 yearold Mukesh Sharma are busy, full of geometrical energy and abrasive forms, yet sympathetic to the calm of the pacifying image(the leaf being his favourite).The prints are technically good.The viscosity is well tempered, the colour well contrasted(burnt sienna with lilac, sky blue with faded orange) and the compositions adjusted.Interestingly, the artist has also made use of linoleum as a substitute for wood, adding the necessary flexibility and balance to the dense constructs.

Mukesh Sharma's first exhibition of prints at the MEC Gallery in New Delhi is notable for the variety he is able to convey through this style and medium

Sharma is sensitive artist and holds promise if he does not get caught up with misplaced ideas of trend and moderity.His works are introspective, self-satisfying, unaffected.


  • National Lalit Kala Academy for Outstanding Works in KALA MELA, JAIPUR, 1999.
  • Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy for Outstanding Print in Annual Exhibition, 1999.
  • 1st State Yuva Kalakar, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur for outstanding Print, 1994.

Mukesh Sharma