ART HISTORY ( 1951 - 1975 )

Arpana CAUR ( b. 1954 )

Arpana Caurcompleted her post - graduate studies in literature from New Delhiand then studied painting at St. Martin's London . She held her first solo show back in Delhi in 1975 , since when she has participated in several national and international exhibitions including I Indo - Greek festival , New Delhi and Athens (1984 ) , II Havana Biennale , Cuba ( 1986 ) , Baghdad biennale . Iraq ( 1986 ) , dacca Biennale , Bangladesh ( 1986 ) , Festival of India , Moscow ( 1987 ) , Algiers Biennale ( 1987 ) and Hiroshima Museum , Japan .

Mukesh SHARMA ( b. 1959 )

MUKESH SHARMA of Jaipur combines the traditions of Rajasthan and MSU Baroda in his art of printmaking.Having completed his MFA in '98, he is already holding his first solo show at MEC gallery.A meritorious student , Mukesh look to print making as an extension of his fascination for technique.Early works from his student years project him as an artist of sincerity, who paints and prints with total lack of concern of academics or tradition.True to himself and his medium, Mukesh works with conviction and confidence.He etches with stencils and linoleum, the softness of the medium mutating itselfon to his pictorial images.Doting on nature and the rural surroundings of his childhood, his early works are details of nature.Rural life ,water huts, and a goat,are some of the direct images that occur on his canvas.Beyond this however, Sharma fills his surface with unspecific images, like collages or leaves floating in the air, which impress because of their rythm of tension and placement.Mukesh picks up his reflections and semblances from anything between imprints of moisture and mud walls, fingerprints or the ritual impression of tha palm of a hand on much used, lived in surfaces.He then develops and constructs, converting them into sequenced motifs which then formulate the visual design on his canvas . The prints of 25 year old Mukesh Sharma are busy, full of geometrical energy and abrasive forms, yet sympathetic to the calm of the pacifying image(the leaf being his favourite).The prints are technically good.The viscosity is well tempered, the colour well contrasted(burnt sienna with lilac, sky blue with faded orange) and the compositions adjusted.Interestingly, the artist has also made use of linoleum as a substitute for wood, adding the necessary flexibility and balance to the dense constructs.Mukesh Sharma's first exhibition of prints at the MEC Gallery in New Delhi is notable for the variety he is able to convey through this style and medium . Sharma is sensitive artist and holds promise if he does not get caught up with misplaced ideas of trend and moderity.His works are introspective , self-satisfying, unaffected.

Jayshree CHAKRAVARTY ( b. 1956 )

Jayshree Chakravarty graduated in Fine Arts from Vishwa Bharati in Shantiniketan in 1978 and obtained a post - graduate diploma from M.S. University , Baroda in 1980 . She has developed her own personal style , drawing on inspiration from the French impressionists and Byzantine mosaic design . She has exhibited in India and also in Sweden and her work can be seen in the National Gallery of Modern Art , New Delhi and in Chandigarh Museum , Chandigarh .

Tarun CHAKRABORTY ( b. 1955 )

Tarun Chakraborty , an artist from Calcutta graduated and later post graduated in Arts . He completed his M.A. in Economics . Later he realised his inbuilt capability of putting colourful imaginative thoughts on paper . He graduated in fine arts from Indian College of Arts , Calcutta in 1982 . Since then he has not seen back in his life . His paintings are liked by all the types of people as they have so many colours in it .Tarun presents us moments of confrontation , that of a self reviewing and itself from all four quarters , or else such self is seen to be observing the ways of the urban soul as though in a solitaire with it's own being . His are inscapes , though of the freely imaging child's fiction , concocting fascinating , charming fictions as cause surprise

Pradeep MAITRA ( b. 1959 )

Pradeep Maitra graduated from the Goverment College of Art & Draughtsmanship in Calcutta , where he is now a member of the Society of Contemporary artists . He has held numerous solo exhibitions including one at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture , Calcutta ( 1988 ) and his work is to be found in the National Gallery of Modern Art , New Delhi and Chitrakala Parishad , Banglore .

Nabibaksh MANSOORI ( b. 1966 )

Mansoori was born in Oda , Gujarat and obtained his diploma from the Sheth C.N.College of Fine Art , Ahmedabad in 1990 , as well as received a post graduate diploma from M.S.University , Baroda in 1992 . He has received numerous awards and held solo exhibitions in Ahmedabad , Surat a,d Mumbai , besides participating in many group exhibitions throughout India .

Sanjeev Vishram BAGWE ( b. 1960 )

One who have observed BAGWE SANJEEV VISHRAM'S figurative paintings from the very beginning, would feel complusive to brood upon the process of painting and it's figurative matter, color schemes to bring about an imagery i.e distinctively Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram's signature.He has developed his own language to express creatively.He produces a picture of vibrating reality boxed in flat colours of great intensity and visual impact.You are compelled to stand and stare, brood and mediated, and discover something for your self, enrichingnand fulfilling.Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram is a Bachelor of fine arts from J.J.School of Arts Mumbai.In 1989-90 Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram was awarded junior fellowship by Govt. of India,MHRD, N.Delhi.In 1995 he was awarded Kalidas award from the Kalidas academy Ujjain. Bagwe Sanjeev Vishram has a very unique way of representing his art which you observe in his paintings which are full of bright yellow and green colours.He is inspired most by female anatomy .His paintings are figurative and not imaginary.He is the only artist who does not sketches prior to his painting, he directly gets on his brush on a glossy paper which other painters would never dare to do.He is specialised in water colours.

Anup Kumar KARAR ( b. 1951)

A reknowned young artist from Calcutta stepped in the world of art at a very early age . He has inclination towards colours since birth . He basically uses white , black , red , yellow and green colours in his paintings . This makes it clear that his paintings protrays real world colours instead of a mixture of it .Born at Calcutta , Anup graduated in Fine Arts from Indian College of Arts , Calcutta in 1988 . He later created many art works which not only fascinated Corporates and individuals of India but also abroad . His work can be easily distinguished from others as it leaves behind a mark of simplicity . His works are displayed in many shows held in India and abroad .

Ravindra LOLE ( b. 1954)

Structures and foliage. Cement and green. Cities and nature. RAVINDRA LOLE'S world is described by these two polarities that have, coexisted in blissful harmony on our walls.And yet it would be simplistic to define his work as figurative, realistic or abstract. The kind of painting that excite him, Lole asserts, are not figurative or non-figurative. If you can find a convenient label for them call them geometrical. Structural. Or architectural.Ravindra Lole's composition , quite obviously, has to be seen in the context of a confined spirit fighting to overcome a restraining factor and arrive at a resolution, an equilibrium, that initially seems alien to it. Hence the foliage that sets off the concrete structure. Hence the nature that offers relief to the city bred soul. Hence the grays that play up the lure of the greens.