Sharad Kumar

Sharad Kumar was born in 1938 in Gadhak ( Karnataka ) .He as a self taught artist has been practising art for several decades now . Enamoured by the flexibility of the water colours , Sharad Kumar works with interlocking figures and space . His light-flooded paintings capture the opalescence of reflected light . Objects losing their materiality glow with both sharp and subded accents . Recognisable objects turn into almost pure shapes that make no apparent meaning .

Sharad's work is somewhere between the two orders of the abstracts and the figuratives , belonging entirely , neither to one nor to the other , often stumbling into the third order of fantasy . As he paints he is conscious of observing and feeling what goes on both inside and outside of myself - certain aspects of what is hapenning adhere to him .

Colour and light are the two dominant elements in his paintings . The effort is to transform pigment into light that radiates with iridescent warmth and an electric pressure .

Sharad Kumar combines different motives in his paintings in a rather stylised form .Red colour in his paintings gives the illusion of depth and emphasizes the stylized motives but on the other hand harmonizes with the rest of the paintings beautifully . He plays with nearness and distance , background , space and form .

He was awarded as best artist by Lalit Kala Aademy . He has many shows held in Tamilnadu ,Kerela , Andra Pradesh and many other parts of India and abroad .